Clinton Schedules Election Night in Ohio, Obama in Texas

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- In a race that could come down to the results of the March 4 primaries, logistical decisions can help tell a story. Just yesterday, reporters were told that Hillary Clinton will spend Tuesday in Ohio, while her opponent Barack Obama will spend it in Texas.

It may not be obvious at first, but hosting a "victory rally" after an election can be tricky. For one thing, the campaign would like to schedule the rally in a state where they plan on doing well, which is why it is interesting that Clinton is choosing Ohio over Texas. Obviously, she cannot be in two places at once, so the decision to go to Ohio over Texas perhaps shows that her campaign has more confidence in winning in the Buckeye State, a decision backed up by recent polls show Clinton leading Obama in Ohio but show her down or virtually tied in Texas.

Clinton has lost the last 11 contests to Obama, so a victory in Ohio would not only go down as a smart choice for a "victory rally" but will break her losing streak and potentially give some life to her sagging campaign.