Clinton Says There Are a "Million Reasons" To Stay In Race


From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

HAMMOND, IND. -- Faced with growing pressure from people within her own party to drop out of the Democratic presidential contest, Hillary Clinton said that "there are millions of reasons to continue this race."

"People in Pennsylvania and Indiana and North Carolina and all the contests yet to come," she continued. "This is a very close race and clearly, I believe strongly that everyone should have their voices heard and their votes counted."

Clinton, who picked up endorsements from seven local mayors today in northwest Indiana, downplayed Obama's endorsement by Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., a superdelegate. "Everybody is free to support who they like," Clinton said. "I'm pleased that, apparently, Senator Obama has decided to pay a lot of attention in Pennsylvania and campaign hard out there, I think that's good, we'll have a really spirited election." Clinton currently leads Obama by double digits in that state.

Clinton was also asked her thoughts about Democratic Party leaders, like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, speaking out about the election. They've warned candidates that there should be a resolution to the nomination process soon, before there is any damage made to the party. "We are a party of many different opinions of strong minded individuals," Clinton responded. "People are free to say whatever they want and their views are all over the map. Lots of people have expressed all different attitudes and positions about this. Some people have said we need to make sure delegates vote a certain way, others have said no, that wasn't the rule. I think the weight of evidence is on the side of those who say that. People are free to say what they want to say."

A more lighthearted moment came when Clinton was asked about comments made by Obama that this nomination process reminds him of a good movie that has gone on 30 minutes too long. "I like long movies," Clinton quipped. Off camera, Clinton was asked what her favorite long movie is, to which she replied with a smile, "This one."