Clinton, Obama Heading To Florida

The two remaining Democratic presidential contenders are heading to the Sunshine State.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have largely avoided Florida during their fight for the Democratic presidential nomination, having signed a pledge nine months ago not to campaign in the state before its late January primary. They did so because Florida held its primary earlier than Democratic National Committee rules permitted, a move that prompted the DNC to strip the state of its delegates to the party's convention.

Now, however, both are heading to the state tomorrow, according to the Associated Press. John McCain is campaigning there today.

Florida is likely to be a battleground state in November, and Republicans have looked to leverage any bitterness that has arisen from the DNC's punitive action against the state and the candidates' long absences. Obama has not campaigned there since last August.

"I still cannot believe that any political party would create a barrier between the candidate and the voters," Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer told the AP. "It's a slap in the face to democracy. I'm just glad he finally found out where Florida is."

Clinton easily won the Florida primary, and she has pushed the DNC to seat the state's delegates. The DNC's Rules and Bylaws committee will meet on May 31st to consider whether and how to seat delegates from both Florida and Michigan.