Clinton Modifies Trademark Pantsuit for Puerto Rico Beach Visit

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

BOQUERON, P.R. -- Hillary Clinton visited a small beach town this sunny afternoon where she was greeted by hundreds of unsuspecting beachgoers who fought their way through security in hopes of getting a picture or a handshake from the former First Lady.

Was she wearing a bathing suit you ask? Not quite, but she did ditch the turquoise pantsuit she wore to church this morning in favor of an island-chic, pink floral tunic with white pants.

Flip-flops you ask? Nope. Clinton trudged through the sand in pricey white leather, Salvatore Ferragamo open-back shoes, or slides, as one female collegue noted.

As Clinton marched along the beach, Puerto Rican drummers banged away, making a hole for Clinton to navigate through the masses, as though she were parading the streets of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival.

When asked by a reporter what she thought of the welcome Clinton said, holding her arms open, "This is pretty great, isn't it?"

Soon after posing for pictures, hugging and kissing supporters, "Island Hillary" boarded her motorcade en route her next stop. It is unclear whether she will change back into her pantsuit.