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Clinton Meets 'Belvis' In Little Rock

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

LITTLE ROCK, ARK. -- After claiming victory in the Florida primary, Senator Hillary Clinton made a trip back to her home in the South. She arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas, late last night, but was up early this morning, making a quick stop for breakfast at a local eatery called Kitchen Express, a small buffet-style restaurant with primarily African-American patrons.

But Clinton wasn't the only star of the show. Dwayne Turner, a.k.a. 'Belvis the Black Elvis,' came over to her and started singing: "One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready now go Hillary go!"

"That is some suit, man," Clinton said.

Turner, who was wearing a full white Elvis costume bejeweled in red gems did more than just sing.

"I understand what you're going through. I feel your pain. We are going to build a bridge to the 21st Century. We need to let them know that we're going to do this thing" said Belvis in his best Bill Clinton voice and using the ex-president's signature fingerless point.

Clinton laughed and played along, saying "Yes we are" in her own impersonation of her husband.

Turner told reporters that he supports Hillary because of a moment when he was a boy and was crawling around then-Governor Clinton's lawn during an outdoor event.

Gov. Clinton called on Turner who raised his hand and asked why white boys and girls got to ride on buses and black boys and girls had to walk. Turner recalls Gov. Clinton said he did not know that and three weeks later, his school had buses.

At today's stop, Hillary Clinton made her way through the restaurant greeting old friends and supporters, at one point picking up a baby wearing a bright blue dress. Clinton said, "I wish I had a dress like that" as she rubbed the baby's back.

Senator Clinton is expected to campaign in Georgia later in the day, another February 5th battleground state.

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