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Clinton Goes for Girl Power in Pennsylvania


From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

HAVERFORD, PA. -- It was a family affair today at a campaign event aimed at targeting women voters at a small college in an upscale suburb outside Philadelphia. Hillary Clinton was joined on the stage at Haverford College by her daughter Chelsea and her 88-year-old mother Dorothy Rodham, who has not campaigned with Clinton since early January.

The event was billed as a "conversation with families," despite the fact that Clinton did most of the talking. She spoke about women's issues like the importance of fighting breast cancer and told stories of brave women who battled diseases.

At point during the nearly hour long event, Clinton recalled a story she read once in an advice column that spoke of the importance of how to decorate one's office. Clinton joked that she's "addicted to advice columns" and said "in my next life I will be one of those advice columnists." Clinton went on to say that the columnist encouraged men to put up pictures of their families in their offices, while women were not, because it showed an inability for them to focus on the job. "I immediately brought dozens of family pictures to my office," she said. "That's the kind of evolution we have gone through."

Clinton, who wore a brown pant suit accented by a turquoise scarf that helped soften her look, told the small audience that she no longer believes in the old saying that it's important to "dress for success," saying she once wore "navy blue skirt suits with white blouses and ribbons tied in a bow" around her neck. "Don't even look, it's so embarrassing," she said.

Clinton's visit here comes just five days before the Pennsylvania primary, and her talk show style event was a perfect setting for a campaign that knows how important it is for Clinton to win over women voters. During a brief question and answer session, Clinton was asked what closing argument supporters should give to undecided voters. She laughed and said, "knock on the door and say 'you know, she's really nice,' or you can say, 'by the way, she's not as bad as you think.'"

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