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Clinton Gears Up For Grand Jury

The president's lawyers are preparing for six hours of detailed questioning of Mr. Clinton when he testifies before Ken Starr's grand jury on Monday, CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Scott Pelley reports.

Sources say the questions are expected to be precise - based on the testimony of Monica Lewinsky and more than 80 other witnesses.

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On Tuesday, David Kendall, the president's lawyer, watched the videotaped deposition that Mr. Clinton gave in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit, the case that ignited the Lewinsky investigation. In that sworn testimony, Mr. Clinton says he:
  • "Never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky."
  • Only saw her "once or twice."
  • Has "no recollection" of whether they were ever alone.

The transcript was released but almost no one has seen the tape. Kendall spent much of the day judging Mr. Clinton's credibility and persuasiveness.

At the grand jury on Tuesday, prosecutors questioned Harry Thomason, a Hollywood producer and longtime Clinton image maker. Thomason was one of the president's chief advisers on how to deflect the obstruction of justice investigation.

"I've always believed the president was telling the truth," Thomason said.

Sources tell CBS News that Mr. Clinton's lawyers understand they will be allowed to raise objections during questioning. But they will not be getting advance details of what Lewinsky said to the grand jury. And they do not expect to know the results of FBI tests on Lewinsky's dress.

The White House is setting aside virtually the entire weekend to prepare for the first appearance of a president before a federal grand jury.

The grand jury is looking into whether the president and Lewinsky, 25, had sex and whether he urged her to lie about it.

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