Clinton And Huckabee Break Bread Over Salsa

What are the odds of two men from a place called Hope, both on the presidential campaign trail and both -- apparently -- hungry, running into each other in San Antonio Thursday night at the famed Mi Tierra Mexican restaurant? Well, the proof is in the picture. Just as GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and his wife, Janet, had placed their order in the landmark cantina, Bubba and his entourage showed up. It was before his wife, Hillary, began her Texas debate with Barack Obama. There was no advice from either of the Arkansas titans--just small talk about the kids.

Huckabee tells our Suzi Parker just how interesting it was: "Of all the places in Texas and even in San Antonio, what are the odds of a couple of boys from Hope, who have both been governors of Arkansas, and one has been in the White House and the other one is trying to get there, would bump into each other while trying to enjoy some great food? This just goes to show what a small world Arkansas politics really is." Huck added, "We talked about the race briefly and cordially, and in the true spirit of an Arkansas moment, we happened to be there with Janet's sister Susan, who now lives in San Antonio, but who was a law student under Bill and Hillary back at the University of Arkansas in the early '70s, a true bipartisan reunion."

By Paul Bedard