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Clever New Ways to Share Your Photos

Summer may be fading away, but your vacation memories don't have to.

Same goes for almost any other photos you still have sitting in your computer or digital camera.

On "The Early Show," Senior Editor David Gregg shared creative, new picture-perfect ideas to help you share your photos - and display them for your own pleasure!

They run the gamut from new types of digital frames to innovative takes on digital greeting cards, and much more.

Kodak Photo Kiosks

There are over 100,000 of these located throughout the country (in stores, pharmacies, etc.). They're really user-friendly, and you can get your photos printed and create books, DVDs, etc. All you have to do is insert your memory card or CD into the provided slot, and away you go.

It doesn't take too long, and you get to create the book from start to finish. Whether you want to create a book for a wedding, baby book, anniversary, travel or any other purpose, you can choose from a large selection of Photo Book styles and designs.

Kodak Gallery/$10 and up

Pandigital Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame

This has all the bells and whistles of the others, but what sets this one apart is that it's capable of wirelessly receiving photos from anywhere in the world. It has its own, dedicated e-mail address built-in, so you can give to family and friends and they can send photos directly to the frame - no PC required. Once you receive the photos via e-mail, you can quickly accept and view them.

The frame holds 300 e-mails and still acts as a traditional digital photo frame, and accepts photos from media cards, digital cameras or PCs (it stores a whopping 6,400 photos). Since the frame uses cellular service, there are no WiFi configurations to set up and worry about. There are also no ongoing service fees.

Pandigital 8-inch Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame/$179.99

FrameWizard Digital Photo Frame

This digital picture frame will turn any photo into a MOVING IMAGE! A digital frame like no other, FrameWizard enables you to animate your treasured photos to create one-of-a-kind memories that move. Its innovative software guides you through easy-to-use features to create lifelike movement of people and pets, and beautiful, moving elements such as autumn leaves and festive fireworks. You can even replace your photo backgrounds with scenic still and animated backdrops, and design a custom matte to reflect the occasion and complement your décor.

FrameWizard Digital Photo Frame/Pricing starts at $149>

HP ePrint Printer

Just like the digital frame we just saw, this printer also has its own e-mail address. So you can e-mail any photo or document to this printer from anywhere in the world, and it prints it out! It basically enables the sender to deliver a print (picture or document) the same way he or she would send an e-mail message. Customers can also send documents to print through an HP ePrint mobile app on their smartphone device to a home, office or public print location, such as a hotel or FedEx Office store. Customers will be able to send Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDFs and JPEG image files, among others.

HP ePrint Printer/Starting at $99.99

Pandigital LCD Digital Photo Greeting Cards

These greeting cards have a one-and-a-half-inch LCD screen built into them, so you can create a slideshow and send along your summer memories to friends or family members in the form of a greeting card! They're capable of storing and displaying up to 50 digital images. Each card comes preloaded with easy-to-use photo-transfer software that is both Mac- and PC-compatible. Just use a USB cable to connect the card's mini-USB jack to a home computer. Users follow a few easy steps to select the photos to be shared on the card. In addition, consumers receiving the card can save the photos on the card to a home computer by the same process.

Cards come in a selection of styles and designs, including sentiments for love, thinking of you, anniversaries, congratulations, birthdays, happy holidays and season's greetings.

Pandigital LCD Digital Photo Greeting Cards/About $10

Seagate GoFlex TV HD Media Playing Device

This device is essentially a HD media player. You can display your photos, movies and music on your TV. Just connect a portable drive or attach any USB storage device to enjoy your digital media. So, say you're having a birthday party for your child and you want to display a series of photos - this device is perfect for that.

Seagate GoFlex TV HD Media Playing Device/$129.99

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