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Citizen Journalism Filling In Some Blanks

What if you held a military coup and nobody cared enough to cover it? Call in the citizen journalists, of course. While the story received less play at some media outlets than others on Tuesday and Wednesday, by this morning, the military takeover of the government in Thailand has pretty much faded from the pages. As our friends over at Lost Remote are quick to point out though, there's plenty of coverage for those looking for it.

LR's Steve Safran reminds us that Global Voices is a great place to visit to read what bloggers in on the scene are saying. One surprise -- bloodless coups in Thailand aren't too scary, according to one blogger:

Well… today.. scary day? No.. its more like a holiday. After the TV declared a holiday, I slept till 3pm… It's not scary like how military coups are like else where. It's a happy mode. No one blowing each other brains out. And if only everyday Bangkok could be naturally this less congested. On the streets, civilians are enjoying the holiday. Bringing food and water to the soldiers, photo taking session, flowers presented to soldiers."
Safran has also been keeping tabs on the citizen-journo video action over at YouTube. Safran's take:
I enjoy the non-narrated slice of life stuff most. You can tell from this simple street scene that a peaceful coup has taken place. Forget distilled reports - when you see tanks riding peacefully down the street with passenger cars, that tells you plenty.

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