Churchill, Roosevelt In New McCain Spot

John McCain's campaign has released a new web-only ad, "A Man In The Arena," that puts a historical spin on McCain's argument concerning national security.

The spot features both Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt. The former is heard saying, "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills, we shall never surrender!"

Roosevelt, meanwhile, offers this: "Surely there never was a fight better worth making than the one in which we are in."

McCain's comments in the ad hit a similar note.

"Keep that faith," McCain is heard saying. "Keep your courage. Stick together. Stay strong. Do not yield. Do not flinch. Stand up. ... We're Americans. We're Americans, and we'll never surrender. They will."

Watch it:

In other McCain news,'s Dan Froomkin points out that the presumptive Republican nominee does not seem to be trumpeting the embrace of President Bush, who endorsed McCain this week.

"As of this writing, there's no mention of [the endorsement] on the home page of McCain's Web site," Froomkin wrote yesterday. "There's no mention of it all on the Republican National Committee's home page. In fact, I can't find any mention whatsoever of the event on either Web site at all. (It's like: Bush Who?)"

Horserace was able to track down a reference to the endorsement on McCain's site. It's here – if you look hard, you'll see Bush's name under the header "Former U.S. Presidents."