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Christmas package in March causes Pa. courthouse scare

A box in Christmas wrapping, like those pictured above, caused a scare at the courthouse in Indiana, Pa. on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 AP

(CBS/AP) INDIANA, Pa. - When a package in Christmas wrapping paper was spotted in front of a western Pennsylvania courthouse - on Tuesday, March 27 - it just didn't look right. So police called in the bomb squad and closed down a main street in Indiana, Pa. for four hours to check it out.

Indiana Borough police Sgt. Joe Clement said, "A package wrapped in Christmas wrap on the sidewalk in front of a government building on a busy day, it gave us concern."

Police checked with courthouse employees to see if anyone owned the package. Then after an X-ray determined it wasn't a bomb, a member of the bomb squad opened it.

What he found was apparently a misplaced Christmas gift, more than three months overdue. There was a plastic box with compartments, each filled with cartoon-character erasers.

Christmas in March - not so special.

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