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Christina Milian talks Share Your Care Day and new show "90's House"

As the co-host of MTV's new "90's House," Christina Milian has a special place in her heart for throwbacks, so the singer and actress was happy to team up with the Care Bears for their annual Share Your Care Day on Sept. 9 that encourages acts of kindness.

"It's basically a celebration of sharing with your children how to care with other people around the world and we teach them how to care through basic actions, like being nice to others, sharing your toys or giving to others as well," Milian explained to CBS News. "There's a beauty in Care Bears -- it's all about positive encouragement."

Milian said she is especially happy she and her daughter, Violet Madison Nash -- a Care Bears fan -- will celebrate the day together.

"She was pleasantly surprised to see I knew about it as a child, too," said Milian. "Every generation thinks they're new to something, but it's come with passing generations and it's really great."

Milian said her daughter is most proud of sharing her toys.

"We go through her room every couple of months and gather toys she doesn't use," said Milian. "She says, 'You know what? I don't play with that anymore. You can give that to a kid that doesn't have the things I have.'"

The singer said she thinks her daughter has learned her generosity from her grandmother, Milian's mother. Milian, who is a single mom, says her mother has helped tremendously to raise Nash, as have Milian's girlfriends.

"Not very many of my girlfriends have kids, but they're very caring of my daughter -- she's everybody else's child, too," said Milian. "But mostly my mom, my sisters, I have a nanny that helps me out as well when I'm working."

Currently, Milian has her hands full getting ready for "90's House," which she describes as a reality show similar to "Big Brother" -- but with a '90s angle.

"They don't know, but the house is set in the '90s so everything they know -- social media, cell phones -- they no longer have," she explained. "They no longer have the lingo, the dances from 2000-on doesn't exist anymore, so they're learning about the '90s and how influential and great it was."

Milian, who is known for being a fashion junkie, said she had fun dressing in vintage '90s clothes with co-host Lance Bass and hanging out with the decade's biggest stars, who appear on the reality show.  

"We brought on Salt-N-Pepa, Mario Lopez, Mr. Belding -- we have a cool cast of people all from the '90s," said Milian. "These were the people who impacted that time -- they're '90s 'influencers.'"