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Chris Paul: "I'd hit my mama" on the court

After Chris Paul finished off his triple double in the Hornets' win over the Lakers, Kobe Bryant heaped praise on the point guard's tenacious defense with the ultimate compliment: "That's just a bad little dude."

Just how "bad" is Paul? When asked about a hard foul on Kobe's layup attempt, the point guard joked after the game that he would have been just as rough if he was playing against his mother.

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"He'd do me the same way," Paul said. "You know, it's all in fun but this is our livelihood. I don't care if my mama was out on the court, I'd hit her too."

Paul was kidding, of course, but the Lakers better get serious about finding a way to stop the All-Star point guard, who just dropped a line that hasn't been put up in 20 postseasons: 27 points, 13 rebounds and 15 assists.

That's a line any mama would be proud of.

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