Chris Matthews' "Oh God" Blooper

As Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal walked out to rebut President Obama last night, MSNBC's Chris Matthews uttered two words on a live mic that quickly echoed through political circles: "Oh God."

The Hardball host later said that he was "taken aback" by the stagecraft of Jindal's entrance. He had already prepared a statement explaining his reaction on Hardball later on tonight.

After the words were uttered, news outlets and blogs had plenty fun with it, speculating about who could have dropped the comment, since it was unclear during the broadcast. Keith Olbermann, Matthews and others were among the candidates. The Huffington Post even made a poll about the comment, with 32 percent of respondents correctly guessing it came from Matthews.

Politico points out that this is not the first time Matthews said "oh God" on a live mic. He did the same in 2007, when Ron Paul was responding to a question during a GOP debate.