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Chris Dodd Is Ripe For The Picking For GOP In 2010--Sen. Kudlow Of Connecticut?

By Michael Barone, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Here's a link to the always-worth-reading Ironman on the 2010 Connecticut Senate race, in which Christopher Dodd, heading toward his 30th year in the Senate and his 36th year in Congress, seems to be in serious trouble.

Yes, Connecticut is a Democratic state. But Dodd (1) got a "Friends of Angelo" loan from Countrywide Mortgage; (2) as Senate Banking Committee Chairman in 2007 spent most of the year campaigning in Iowa for president, even renting a house there; (3) purchased a house in Ireland with the help of a convicted felon whom he persuaded Bill Clinton to pardon; (4) in 2005 led the fight against tougher regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; and (5) has been among the biggest recipients of Fannie Mae contributions over the years. In past elections Dodd has been running against underfinanced opponents in an increasingly Democratic state as an officeholder about whom voters have a vaguely favorable impression but don't know very much about. In 2010 he seems likely to face an entirely different situation. Mentioned as possible opponents are former Congressman Rob Simmons (who lost his eastern Connecticut House seat in 2006 by 83 votes) and CNBC anchor and former Reagan budget official Lawrence Kudlow, among others. I think this seat is ripe for the picking

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By Michael Barone

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