Chris Christie assails Obama over ISIS inaction

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blasted President Obama's leadership in handling the ISIS threat in an interview with "CBS This Morning" co-anchor Gayle King.

King asked Christie about comments he made in Wisconsin this week, referencing President Obama's "60 Minutes" interview with Steve Kroft that aired Sunday. Christie cited Mr. Obama's admission that the administration had underestimated ISIS.

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"What do you think he (Obama) should have done, or should be doing," King asked Christie.

"Well, he used the ... he used the word 'they.' He used the pronoun 'they,' which is what I was talking about. He said 'They underestimated it.' It should've been 'We underestimated it.' That's all I was talking about. Now he's gotta proceed the 'How do we deal with this threat? And how do we deal with it effectively? How do we bring a coalition of people around the world together?' Cause it's in everyone's interest throughout the world, freedom-loving people, to make sure that this doesn't spread and get more powerful and more dangerous and more deadly.

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"But what I was talking about specifically in that answer in Wisconsin was 'Don't say they underestimated, Mr. President. We underestimated.' His administration, he, underestimated. And, he, you know, you need to be accountable for those things. You're not always directly responsible. But you need, when you're the leader, to be accountable."