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Chloe Grace Moretz offers call to action for millennials at DNC

Chloe Grace Moretz took the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Thursday to share a message to her fellow millennials about the importance of voting and making your voice heard.

The 19-year-old actress was given a prime-time spot during the event's final evening, and while her time was brief, her speech was impassioned and hopeful.

"This is my very first Democratic National Convention, and this November, I will be voting in my very first general election," Moretz shared with a cheering crowd. "I am so excited to be to say that my first vote for president will be for Hillary Clinton."

Moretz also addressed how easy it is to register to vote, explaining that she did it while getting her driver's license when she turned 18.

"It took just a minute, but I knew that it gave me the power of a lifetime," she said. "The power to make my voice heard and to shape the future of our country."

"I'm a millennial -- a member of the largest generation of Americans born since the baby boom," Moretz continued. "But what's wild is that nearly four out of five young people stayed home during the 2014 congressional elections. So just imagine what can happen if we all make our voices heard this November at the ballot box."

Moretz detailed the promises Clinton has made that would have the biggest impact on millennial voters, including the future possibility of graduation from college without crippling debt, and equal pay for equal work.

"My amazing mother became a single parent when I was just 13 years old," Moretz shared. "It wasn't easy. She had to balance a job and caring for her entire family. But imagine the difference equal pay can make for today's working moms and their families."

"If you show up this November, if we all show up together, we can make sure that Hillary Clinton is the next president of the United States of America," Moretz concluded, eliciting a rousing cheer from the audience.

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