China to announce murder trial verdict on Mon.

(AP) BEIJING - A Chinese court will deliver a verdict in the murder trial of ousted politician Bo Xilai's wife on Monday.

Beijing attorney Li Xiaolin said Friday that the court in the eastern city of Hefei where the trial of Gu Kailai and a Bo family aide was held last week will announce a judgment Monday.

Li has been hired by the family of the aide, Zhang Xiaojun.

Gu is accused of killing British businessman Neil Heywood after having a dispute over money and worrying that he had threatened her son's safety. State media reports say Gu confessed to the murder. Zhang has been named as Gu's accessory to Heywood's murder.

Gu's tightly orchestrated trial is a step toward resolving the political turbulence before the country's once-a-decade leadership transition this fall.

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