China Issues Warning to Google Partners

Google logo, and China Flag-map with code
This story was written by CNET's Stephen Shankland

The Chinese government has warned Google business partners to prepare for a day when they can't use Google services such as a search bar on their Web sites, according to a New York Times report Sunday.

Google has significant if not dominant share of the search market in China, but decided after a hacking attack that targeted human rights activists to cease censorship even if it means shutting down its Chinese operations.

If Google did shut down those services, business partners such as and that offer a Google-powered search box would have to either direct searchers to the main search page instead of the Chinese-specific page; find a different partner; or filter the search results themselves to comply with Chinese regulations. Using the site isn't an easy workaround, since China and other governments can block access and indeed have done so with YouTube, Flickr, and other Web site

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