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Chiklis: Expect More 'No Ordinary Family' Thrills

NEW YORK (AP) - Michael Chiklis acknowledges his TV show "No Ordinary Family" has been too "slow" for his liking and promises more excitement is coming.

In an effort to appeal to too many audience segments, the ABC dramedy about a family that develops super powers became too "soft," Chiklis said.

"What often happens is in trying to please all the parties you end up becoming mayonnaise or like a scoop of vanilla ice cream with no hot fudge and nuts," he said.

But Chiklis said he thinks the show is now "right on track" and that new episodes will be more exciting and engaging. The actor, whose last drama was the FX series "The Shield," said upcoming events "completely expand the whole world of this series dramatically."

Chiklis said viewers will soon find out that the show villain, Dr. King, "is not the top man at all."

He also said Lucy Lawless, who joins the cast in a recurring role, is a "catalyst" for expanding the scope and stakes of the program.

An ABC spokesman said it does not yet appear that Lawless will have super powers of her own but definitely isn't one of the good guys.

Lawless first appears on "No Ordinary Family" on March 1, the day her "Battlestar Galactica" alum Tricia Helfer guest stars on the show. Helfer plays a super villain whose ability to charm men into doing her will causes problems for Chiklis' character, Jim, and his best crime-fighting friend, George.