'Chicken Man' Vs. 'Horse Lady'

chicken crime scene martha's vinyard fbi da chicken man thumbprint
Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts is known as an exclusive summer playground. But to those who live here year-round, this Island Paradise is really a small town.

So, as CBS News Correspondent Byron Pitts reports, it's big news on this small island when two neighbors are fighting.

In this case it's Malcolm Jones, aka "Da Chicken Man," vs. "Sabrina" the dog and her owner Karin Magid - affectionately known as the "Horse Lady."

Her horse farm sits right next to Jones' property. He was convinced her dog ate his chickens, and he had the evidence to prove it.

"I was going to do footprints, you know, plaster casts of the footprints in case there was a particular scar on one of the toes to prove which dog did it," said Jones.

But that was too messy.

So Jones contacted the FBI. That's right, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI suggested he go somewhere else. From there, Jones sent the dog hairs to a forensic lab in California for DNA analysis.

The dog hairs matched Sabrina. So Da Chicken Man took Da Horse Lady before the town council.

Magid thought it was "ridiculous."

Not to Jones or his daughter, Carina, who was home from college for the summer.

"I think most people think of chickens as Kentucky Fried Chicken, but they mean more to me and my dad," she says.

The council agreed, and Magid was ordered to pay $375 in damages. Sabrina, however, was spared the death penalty.

Asked if he would ever do the DNA testing thing again, Jones said, "Oh sure, but much cheaper than that is closed circuit TV ... right in the chicken house."

Where Jones' chickens now rest comfortably and the dog next door knows her place.