Chicago woman facing $105,000 parking fine loses round in court

(CBS/AP) - A judge has dismissed a lawsuit from a Chicago woman who is trying to get out of paying a parking fine of more than $100,000 - a fine she claims she shouldn't owe.

CBS Chicago reports the judge ordered Jennifer Fitzgerald and the targets of the suit to work harder to settle the matter, which stems from three years of parking tickets that piled up on her car at O'Hare International Airport.

Fitzgerald sued the city, and he ex-boyfriend, last year. She contends she shouldn't have to pay the massive fine because her ex abandoned the car in an employee parking lot at the airport, where it was left for nearly three years.

She says the car is only worth about $600.

According to CBS Chicago, the website reports the city offered to reduce what she owes to under $2,500, but Fitzgerald says she still can't afford to pay.

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