Chicago Student Fred Couch's Brutal Murder Caught on Tape

(Chicago Police Dept.)
(Family Photo)
(Chicago Police Dept.)
CHICAGO (CBS/AP) Less than four months after the brutal murder of Chicago student Derrion Albert was caught on tape, the slaying of another student from the same high school has been captured on video and circulated on the Internet.

Photo: Surveillance video captures Fred Couch's murder.

PICTURES: Student Beating Caught on Tape

Surveillance video, obtained by the Chicago Tribune, shows 16-year-old Fred Couch being shot to death outside a convenience store on the city's South Side last Wednesday night.

Police say Couch was standing outside the store when someone came up from behind him and shot him in the back twice.

Photo: Derrion Albert.

The video shows Couch falling to the ground as a man holding a gun steps into frame. The teen struggles to move, then is still.

The gunman then fled in a grey vehicle, according to police.

Couch's mother, Tojuna Smith, told CBS affiliate WBBM witnesses told her "mean mugging" - giving someone a bad look - might have had led to his murder. She said she heard the shooter accused her son of "looking at him the wrong way." Police have not confirmed that part of the story.

Police, who are examining the video, say no arrests had been made as of Friday evening.

Photo: Gunman can be seen in top left of frame, say police. Fred Couch is on the ground.

Couch, like Albert, attended Christian Fenger Academy High School.

In September, the beating death of Derrion Albert, an honor student at Fenger, was captured by a cell phone video camera. That video attracted national attention.

Couch's father was shot to death in 1993.

PICTURES: Student Beating Caught on Tape