Chicago reels from another week of violence

(CBS News) CHICAGO - A series of shootings across Chicago Friday night left four people dead and another four wounded. The gunfire comes hard on the heels of a shooting Thursday night at a neighborhood park that wounded 13 people.

With his city reeling from another bloody week, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's frustration was apparent.

"For a city to have a sense of civility, a sense of community, it must live by a moral code, not a code of silence," he said.

But the code of silence is hard to break in gang-infested, drug-infused areas like the park where a gunman opened fire Thursday night:

Police responder: We have a total of 10 adults and one 3-year-old. I'm gonna start getting ID's for you.

Radio dispatcher: Jesus Christ, 10-4.

On Saturday, a group of former and current NBA stars gathered for a neighborhood basketball game to show support for the local community.

Isaiah Thomas is from Chicago's West Side. "It's hard enough being poor," he said. "It's hard enough living in that household with no resources. But when you put weapons and drugs inside of that household, we got no shot."

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said Friday a military-style assault rifle was used in one shooting this week, a troubling escalation from the usual handguns.

As McCarthy was speaking, a federal grand jury convicted 23-year old David "Big Man" Lewisbey in a gun-smuggling scheme to illegally sell high-powered firearms to Chicago gangs.

Prosecutors used evidence from Lewisbey's cell phone and Facebook page, which showed him with wads of cash and lots of guns. He faces up to 35 years in prison for doing exactly what the police here are trying to stop.

  • Dean Reynolds

    Dean Reynolds is a CBS News National Correspondent based in Chicago.