Chicago Park Shooting Update: Boy, 3, wounded in mass shooting, is released from hospital, report says

Deonta Howard in undated photos.

(CBS) CHICAGO - Deonta Howard, a 3-year-old boy shot in the head during last week's mass shooting at a southwest Chicago park, was released from the hospital Wednesday, reports the Chicago Tribune.

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Deonta was among 13 people wounded late last Thursday, Sept. 19, when gang members shot up a crowded basketball court at Cornell Square Park with an assault rifle, as retaliation for an earlier incident, police said.

The boy was shot in the face and had to undergo two surgeries. He will reportedly undergo plastic surgery at a later date to further repair his injuries.

Shamarah Leggett, the boy's mother, called her son's recovery "more than a miracle," reports CBS Chicago.

"I would like to thank God first. I would like to thank the doctors at Mount Sinai, the mayor and everybody who's been keeping my family in their prayers," Leggett said.

She says her son is expected to make a full recovery.

"He's running around, he's playing, he's very active. He's back to Deonta," said Leggett. "He can talk, he can see, he can hear. Nothing's wrong with his brain, just his face. He's doing better than I expected."

Leggett said her son began talking about the shooting after he woke up from sedation. She said he is afraid.

Leggett is calling for an end to the gun violence that is plaguing the city of Chicago.

"Stop the violence. This is the wrong way to go. Especially to shoot up a park where you know kids hang out and play. Kids don't even feel safe in the park no more."

Two suspected gunmen and two others have been charged in the shooting. Police said all four suspects are charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery. They are being held without bond.

Investigators have identified the shooters as 22-year-old Tabari Young and 21-year-old Bryon Champ. The other two suspects are identified as 22-year-old Brad Jett and 20-year-old Kewane Gatewood.

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