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Chicago man who "punted" kitten by kicking him like a football sentenced to 90 days in jail

Nightmare, the cat CBS Chicago/Chicago Animal Care and Control

(CBS) CHICAGO - The man accused of "punting" his kitten by kicking him 15 feet in the air in January was sentenced to 90 days in jail, reports the news website Chicagoist.

Percy Love, 22, will get credit for 37 days served. He will not get his cat named "Nightmare," back.

"This is my cat, Nightmare," Love told police when they confronted him, according to Chicagoist. "He is tough, we play like that all the time -- it's just a cat."

After kicking the cat, Love reportedly threw his arms up signaling a goal and laughed.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Animal Care and Control spokeswoman Cherie Travis said the kitten, who is less than a year old, did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

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