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Chicago man threw baby into the air, charged with child endangerment, say cops

Crime Scene - Do Not Cross CC AlanCleaver2000/Flickr

(CBS) - A Chicago man is facing child endangerment and other misdemeanor charges after police say he threw his 13-month-old son into the air during an argument with officers.

Police say Ahmad Boyd, 22, was sitting on the front of a parked car Saturday evening, holding his young son, when police asked him to move to the sidewalk for the child's safety, the Chicago Tribune reports.

A police report says Boyd got angry at the request, telling officers, "This is my baby and I can do whatever the hell I want with him," according to the Tribune.

As the officers got out of their vehicle, Boyd continued to refuse to move to the sidewalk and told an officer, "f**k you, bitch," before throwing the child into midair for someone he didn't know to catch, the police report said, according to the Tribune. The baby was not hurt.

Police reportedly say then Boyd ran, but was apprehended and subdued with a Taser.

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