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Cher: I Still Speak With Sonny

Sonny Bono is gone, but he and longtime partner Cher are still close.

The singer-actress who gave a moving eulogy for the congressman who died last winter in a skiing accident says in the May 16 issue of TV Guide" that she communicates with the entertainer-turned-politician through a spiritual medium.

"He told me things only Sonny could have known," Cher said.

Before the funeral, Cher wrote 100 pages of eulogy preparation, but tore them up.

"I had to wing it," she said. "But there were so many things I wanted to say."

Cher brings her memories of her often stormy life with her ex-husband and singing partner to television this month in "Sonny and Me: Cher Remembers," which airs on CBS May 20.

"I though this would be a really great story to tell because without him I wouldn't be where I am, wherever that is," she said. "Sonny taught me pretty much everything."

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