Cheney Touts Special Election Candidate In Miss.

Vice President Dick Cheney went on a local Mississippi talk radio station to promote the campaign of Greg Davis, the Republican locked in a highly-competitive special election for the seat of former Rep. (and now-Sen.) Roger Wicker.

The appearance comes as Cheney will be heading to Southaven, Miss. -- Davis' home base -- next Monday to hold a pre-election rally intended to boost GOP turnout.

Here's the partial transcript of Cheney's appearance on the Paul Gallow Show.

Q I'm fine. It's the second appearance on the program, and I thank you so very much. I know when you -- you only come on when a race is very, very important. I think we can say that about this particular race in the First District of Congress, between Greg Davis and Travis Childers.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: No doubt about it. It's, of course, special elections this year, but -- because it is a presidential election year and we're going to elect the entire House of Representatives and so forth. But this seat is a very important one. It's been in conservative hands for a long time, and we'd hate to see the liberals gain control.
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