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Cheney: Iraq Intel Was "wrong"

Vice President Dick Cheney admits that the pre-war intelligence for Iraq was "flawed" but says that does not change anything about how the war has been conducted.

In an interview with CBS "Face the Nation" on Sunday morning, Cheney continued to offer a stout defense of the Bush legacy in Iraq, even though like other administration officials he conceded problems with WMD intelligence.

"The original intelligence was wrong, no question about it," Cheney said on the show. "But there were parts of it that were right. It wasn't 100 percent wrong. It was correct in saying he had the technology. It was correct in saying he still had the people who knew how to build weapons of mass destruction. I think it was also correct in the assessment that once sanctions came off, he would go back to doing what he had been doing before.

"Where it was wrong was said he had stockpiles, and he clearly didn't," Cheney said. "So the intelligence was flawed."

But Cheney did not waiver in defending the overall conduct of the war, the troop levels and the outcome he sees ahead.

"But you never have perfect intelligence in this business," the vice president said. "You have got to deal with the best you can in terms of making your decisions."

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