Cheating men more likely to suffer penile fractures

In the roughly 25 percent of cases in which surgery is required, the procedure is done in the hospital under general anesthesia. The patient is unconscious and feels no pain as doctors use a needle to withdraw liquid marrow from the back of the pelvic bone. Patients generally go home the same day and are back to their usual routines within a week.

(CBS) Call it breaking news. A new study suggests that men who have extramarital affairs may be at increased risk for penile fracture.

"I've written quite a few papers in my life but none have gotten as much interest from a lay audience as this one," study author Dr. Andrew Kramer, a urologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, told the Washington Post. "Maybe it has captured the fear men have of these events."

For Kramer's study - published in the Oct. issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine - doctors reviewed medical charts from 16 men who visited the Medical Center between 2007 and 2011 - all of whom had  penile injuries so severe that they required surgery. After taking a closer look at their intake interviews, the researchers discovered that half these injuries occurred during an extramarital affair.

What makes extramarital sex so dangerous for men down there?

Maybe its a bit like real estate - location, location, location.

The researchers say the unconventional locations where affairs take place may have something to do with it. Only three of the injuries occurred in the bedroom, the rest were rendezvous spots including cars, elevators, offices, or public restrooms. The study authors say those out-of-the ordinary encounters are more likely to be more rushed and rough than bedroom sex

Oddly enough, most of the men in the study were candid about how their injury occurred.

"Most guys come in and say, 'I'm gonna be honest with you because I really want my penis fixed,'" Kramer told the Post. "They are really terrified"

But Kramer cautioned that monogamy doesn't render penises fracture-proof.

"If you're having acrobatic do have to be careful," he told MSNBC. "If you are doing something in a weird position or a weird do have to be careful of fracturing the penis."

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