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Charlie Sheen 911 Call Transcript: "I'm Scared For My Life," Says Wife Brooke Mueller

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ASPEN, Colo. (CBS/AP) Police have released the 911 call made by Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, after the actor allegedly attacked her.

Photo: Charlie Sheen and wife Brooke Mueller arrive at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards, Sept. 20, 2009, in Los Angeles.

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The woman, who identified herself as Sheen's wife, told Aspen police Sheen was threatening her with a knife and that she feared for her life.

The call was released Monday, three days after Sheen was arrested on suspicion of menacing, second-degree assault and criminal mischief.

Below is the full transcript of the 911 call.

911 Operator: Is that a business residence or an apartment?
Brooke: It's a residence and it's domestic abuse.
911 Operator: OK, what's the phone number that you're calling me from?
Brooke: 970, I don't even know (audio muffles at source).
911 Operator: OK and you have a domestic disturbance? OK, tell me exactly what happened.
Brooke: My husband had me (inaudible) with a knife and I'm scared for my life and he threatened me.
911 Operator: OK, are you guys separated right now?
Brooke: Yes, right now we have people who are separating us, but I have to file the report.
911 Operator: Are there other people there? Does he still have the knife?
Brooke: Yes, he's still got it, but there are other people with him.
911 Operator: Who are the other people who are there?
Brooke: Um, I have people here, my family's here, but right now, if I don't file this, I need to file it right now.
911 Operator: OK, where is he with the knife?
Brooke: He's in the other room.
911 Operator: OK, and is someone in the room with him?
Brooke: Yes.
911 Operator: Who is he with?
Brooke: He's with somebody talking to him, but if I don't file the report...
911 Operator: OK, I understand, I'm sending officers to help you. I just need some information. Does he have any other weapons?
Brooke: No.
911 Operator: OK, which room is he in? When the officers enter the house, which room will he be in?
Brooke: In the bathroom.
911 Operator: And which room are you in?
Brooke: In the kitchen. And I thought I was gonna die for one hour.
911 Operator: OK, what's your name?
Brooke: Brooke.
911 Operator: And what's your husband's name?
Brooke: It's Charlie Sheen.

Above Photo: Charlie Sheen mugshot Dec. 25, 2009.

Authorities so far have not released the identity of the alleged victim, but the woman on the call says her name is "Brooke" and that her husband is Charlie Sheen. Sheen is married to Brooke Mueller.

Some of the caller's words are inaudible and you can hear the woman weeping on the call. Police sent an ambulance, but nobody was taken to the hospital.

Sheen was arrested, but was freed on $8,500 bond.

His lawyer so far has not returned any phone calls made by the Associated Press.

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