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CBS Reports: Where America Stands

Where America Stands

  • Coming up on CBS News: Where America Stands
  • With the new decade on the horizon, CBS News,in partnership with USA Today, will take an in-depth look at key areas that affect all Americans. "Our expectations for the future, our sense of America's place in the world, even our national priorities all seem in flux," said Sean McManus, president of CBS News and Sports. "We want to provide our viewers with a report card on America through compelling stories across all CBS News platforms and broadcasts that will present honest assessments of areas with the greatest impact on our individual lives as well as our national preparedness."

    The multi-week series, titled CBS REPORTS: Where America Stands, starts in January 2010, and will provide benchmarks for where the country stands today and an outlook for the future decade. Programming will appear on a variety of CBS News platforms, including The CBS Evening News, The Early Show, Face the Nation, Sunday Morning and CBS Radio News, as well as

    Among the areas that will be benchmarked are:

  • Defense & Diplomacy

    American is fighting wars on two major fronts. We'll assess the preparedness and the defense of U.S. interests around the globe as well as the path of diplomacy.

  • Terror Threats

    Since 9/11 altered America's sense of security, the country faces constantly evolving terror threats. We'll provide a report card on the current battle against domestic terrorism and an outlook for the future.

  • Financial Security

    The economic meltdown in this decade was a wake-up call to millions of Americans and our financial system. We'll benchmark how the country is emerging from the crisis and provide an assessment for the coming decade.

  • Education

    Education is a key element to America's competitiveness in the global market. We'll look at the challenges facing America's schools and students, as well as innovative solutions that could make a difference.

  • Jobs & Industry

    With unemployment above 10 percent at the end of this decade, we'll explore emerging industry and employment trends and challenges faced by small businesses going forward.

  • Health & Medical

    We'll benchmark the state of healthcare in America and explore forthcoming medical innovations that will have significant impact in the coming decade.

  • Crime & Punishment

    In 2008, 14 million people were arrested in the U.S. The rule of law and definitions of torture have become part of the dialog. We'll provide a report card on important legal issues, as well as crime and punishment.

  • Global Interdependence

    The world has become flatter as globalization occurs. We'll examine shifts in international balances of power and the impact of interdependencies across borders, cultures and markets.

  • Immigration, Culture, Identity, & Faith

    America continues to be a melting pot of races and cultures. We'll explore issues of immigration, faith, ethnicity and race.

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