CBS News Poll: Dem Party Split But Hopes Remain High For Fall

A new CBS News/New York Times poll coming out this evening shows strong feelings remain among supporters of both Democratic presidential candidates – and that significant numbers of them may end up unhappy with the outcome.

Half of Hillary Clinton's primary supporters say they would be dissatisfied if Barack Obama ends up as the party's nominee while 49 percent said they would be satisfied. Among those Democrats supporting Obama, far fewer, 35 percent, said they would be dissatisfied with Clinton as the nominee, compared to 64 percent who said they would be satisfied with her as the party's standard-bearer.

When it comes to a "Dream Ticket," featuring both candidates, more than half of each candidate's supporters said they would be open to the idea of having the other come on as a running mate. Overall, 65 percent of Democrats agreed that Clinton should pick Obama if she were to win the nomination, including 79 percent of Obama supporters and 53 percent of Clinton supporters. If he were to win, 59 percent of all Democrats agreed that Obama should pick Clinton as his running mate, including 53 percent of his supporters and 67 percent of hers.

Despite the seeming hardened feelings among Democrats regarding the candidate they support, voters overall expect the party to capture the White House in November. Fifty-six percent of all registered voters in the poll said they expect the Democrat to win the general election while just 32 percent said they expect the Republican candidate to prevail.

The full poll will be released at 6:30pm ET, watch the CBS Evening News and visit then for full details of the poll.