CBS News' Margaret Brennan makes a splash in S. Korea media

South Korean president Park Geun-hye shakes hands with CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan.
CBS News

CBS News' Margaret Brennan made quite the impression in South Korea media.

The State Department correspondent recently interviewed President Park Geun-hye in New York, broadcasted on the "The CBS Evening News" Monday night.

South Korea's Chosun TV anchors talked about the big interview by a "famous American news reporter." They joked about how Brennan knew the proper way to shake the president's hand -- unlike Bill Gates -- and highlighted her evident familiarity with all things Korean.

They also showed pictures of her with viral South Korean hitmaker Psy at the White House Correspondents' dinner.

Brennan joined CBS News from Bloomberg Television in July 2012. Her reporting has taken her throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and she has interviewed some of the world's most influential people, from former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Below is a clip from the South Korean broadcast. Brennan comes up about 1:25 minutes in.