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CBS News Exclusive: Obama "Very Concerned" At Ayatollah's Comments

In an interview with CBS News' Harry Smith, President Obama said he is "very concerned" with the thrust of the statements made today by Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei supporting the country's disputed election results.

"And I'm very concerned based on some of the tenor -- and tone of the statements that have been made -- that the government of Iran recognize that the world is watching," the president told Smith. "And how they approach and deal with people who are, through peaceful means, trying to be heard will, I think, send a pretty clear signal to the international community about what Iran is and -- and is not."

More excerpts from the interview will be broadcast on tonight's CBS "Evening News." CBS' "Sunday Morning" will air the portion of the interview related to Father's Day this Sunday, and more of the interview, focusing on domestic issues and foreign policy, will air on CBS' "The Early Show" Monday.

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