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The blog for The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric is the place to go for a look behind the scenes, for posts by our producers and correspondents, for stuff we like and for surprises. It's also a place for you to post comments and join our conversation about the news.

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The blog about news coverage and controversies, Public Eye tries to make CBS News more transparent and accountable to readers and viewers. Public Eye is where CBS News argues with itself and with you on the other side of the screen. So join the fray.

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Only a handful of the hundreds of stories on which we report make their way to the Evening News with Katie Couric. There, time pressure and competition from news of the day can keep otherwise important information from the broadcast…information we believe you have a right to know. So we have created this space as another primary source to keep you informed.

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Read the musings of The ShowBuzz's reality TV blogger, Jenna Morasca. She is the winner of 2003's "Survivor: The Amazon" and is the youngest person ever to have won the TV competition. A self-professed reality-TV fanatic, Morasca also co-hosts's online show, "Survivor Live," when the show is in season.

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