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Caught on Tape: Bus Shooter Sentenced


CHICAGO (CBS/AP) Two years ago, Michael Pace fired a handgun into a crowded bus while blocking the door. The entire terrifying scene was caught on camera.

Now, he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

A Cook County judge handed down a 100-year prison sentence after the teenager pleaded guilty to killing high school student Blair Holt and wounding several others during the shooting.

According to prosecutors, Pace was looking for rival gang members when he opened fire on the bus filled with Julian High School students.

Sixteen-year-old Blair Holt pushed a friend down in her seat moments before he was fatally shot in the abdomen. He saved the girl's life.

Blair's mother, Annete Nance-Holt, had to watch the video of the shooting in court today.

"If he was strong enough to give his life for somebody else, I was strong enough to sit there and endure what I had to see," Nance-Holt, who is a Chicago Fire Department captain, said.

Holt's father, Ronald Holt, is a Chicago police officer who has become an anti-violence activist. His mother is also a gun-control advocate.

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