Caught on camera: Thieves storm Houston gun store

Police in Houston released some incredible surveillance video. It shows a team of thieves ransacking a gun store.

The dawn burglary at a south west Houston gun shop was fast and furious.

Dawn burglary at a south west Houston gun shop. CBS News

The group of men pulled up to the front of the store with a large pickup truck, smashed the windows, attached a chain to the doors, and pulled them right off their hinges.

Ten people then rushed in and ran through the store smashing a row of glass cases with hammers -- grabbing handguns by the sack full.

One man can be seen scooping up at least four rifles off the back rack.

Thieves using a truck to pull the doors off of a south west Houston gun shop. CBS News

An early investigation shows that the thieves got away with at least 50 weapons.

Federal officials said weapons stolen in burglaries like this one likely end up on the black market, and could be used in violent crimes.

Houston police and ATF agents arrested multiple people Wednesday and recovered several firearms stolen from the store, reports CBS Houston affiliate KHOU-TV.

To see the robbery, watch the video above.