VIDEO: Colo. police arrest armed crime spree suspect

CBS Denver's news helicopter captured video of an unidentified male suspect fleeing police on foot with what appears to be an assault rifle before being taken into custody along Interstate 70 in Jefferson County, Colo.

CBS Denver

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - An armed man was arrested on a state highway in Colorado on Wednesday for allegedly committing a carjacking and later pointing at cars on the road with what appeared to be an assault rifle, reports CBS Denver.

According to the station, the unnamed suspect was taken into custody by police along Interstate 70 following a wild crime spree in Jefferson County on Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities were responding to reports of a carjacking when the man - caught on camera by CBS Denver's news helicopter - abandoned the stolen truck he was driving on a road south of Lookout Mountain and fled pursuing officers on foot holding the rifle.

At one point during the chase, the suspect tried to drive away in a Colorado Department of Transportation plow, but gave up when he couldn't find the keys. He then walked into a nearby house.


Not long after entering the home, cameras captured the man breaking through the home's garage door in an SUV and driving through a field towards I-70. When the vehicle got stuck in a ditch, the suspect jumped out and ran to the interstate with the rifle.

He tried to get drivers on the highway to pull over and video shows him pointing the weapon at cars, but none of them stopped.

CBS Denver reports a Jefferson County sheriff's deputy on a motorcycle arrived at the scene and drew his weapon off-camera. The deputy reportedly persuaded the suspect to lay down his gun and then chased him on foot into the middle of the road, where he was able to bring the man down to the ground. A citizen who had stopped his vehicle got out and helped detain the suspect.

The incident halted traffic along I-70 for roughly 45 minutes.