Cat assists juggler and dog scared by flatulence

(CBS News) There must be something in the water to bring out two unusual juggling videos in one week. Earlier we saw a unique journey through Iceland involving the classic pastime. Today we see it done with some very unlikely (and furry) assistance. Go ahead and take a look above.

The candidly cute cat clip was posted by YouTube user Uniman166 who writes about it:

My cat's help me practice my juggling from time to time.

I think this duo should take their show on the road! (Though I doubt his cat will want to leave the house.) Up next, I mentioned last week we tend to stay away from "poop jokes" and other low-brow humor on The Feed with rare exception. This is one of those exceptions. Watch as a French Bulldog scares himself over and over again in a way that is simultaneously gross and hilarious by YouTube user GibTheFrenchie. (Tip: You may want to cover your nose while watching...)