Baby needs to potty at the worst possible time

(CBS News) In case you haven't noticed, we're not too big on "poop jokes" here at The Feed. Sure, when we come across such material, we often laugh, chortle, chuckle or otherwise. But featuring it here is usually not going to be in the cards any day of the week... except today. More specifically, with this caught-on-camera clip above that is on the (non-serious or life-threatening) list of a parent's nightmare come to life. Watch what happens if you haven't already guessed.

Yeah, it's a really awkward mix of adorable, endearing and icky all at once. The father-son bonding time turned terribly stinky was posted on YouTube by Scottie Stone who writes:

I was drying my son off after his bath and tried to catch him on camera playing peek-a-boo with his towel. Instead, he pooped on my leg.
I'd say it's possibly time to really "pound the porcelain" and start hitting the potty training hard right about now. (Just throwing it out there...) All kidding aside, thanks so much for sharing this candidly cute parenting moment with the Internet at large and all of us here at The Feed, Scottie!