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Casey Anthony Trial Update: Meter reader Roy Kronk, who found Caylee's remains, testifies

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Casey Anthony is shown during a break in court during her murder trial June 27, 2011. AP Photo/Red Huber

(CBS/WKMG/AP) ORLANDO, Fla. - Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found the remains of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, was being questioned on the witness stand Tuesday in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

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Kronk found Caylee's remains in December 2008 in a wooded lot near the Anthony family's east Orange County home. Caylee was reported missing in July of that year, about a month after she was last seen alive, reports CBS affiliate WKMG.

Kronk told defense attorney Cheney Mason that he and two co-workers were assigned to read meters near the Anthonys' home on August 11, 2008.

Kronk said that on that date he was aware of Caylee's disappearance, but did not know that the Anthony family lived in the area, reports the station.

Mason asked Kronk about walking into the woods to relieve himself. Kronk said he walked into the woods and came straight out and that nothing notable happened that day.

When pressed by Mason, Kronk said he did see an object in the woods that appeared odd to him. Kronk said he never came within 30 feet of the object, the station reports.

Mason asked Kronk if he told his co-worker he saw a skull. Kronk said he did not at that time. He said he told his co-worker he saw something odd, but they were distracted by a dead rattlesnake, which they then took back to the office.

Kronk said he called the Orange County Sheriff's Office when he got home to report possibly seeing a skull in the wooded area near the Anthonys' home. He said he was told to call Crimeline, which he did, and he said he told Crimeline he saw an object that looked like it could have been a skull, the station reports.

Kronk said the next day he returned to work as normal, but on August 13, he called the Sheriff's Office again and was told an officer would meet him near the area.

Kronk said two deputies arrived and he pointed to the area where he thought he saw an odd item. He emphasized that he did not say for sure the object was a skull.

When Kronk called the non-emergency 911 line, he told the dispatcher he saw something white, which appeared to be a skull, near a gray bag in an area near the Anthony family home.

During opening statements, Casey Anthony's defense team accused Kronk of somehow obtaining Caylee's remains and planting them in the woods to obtain a reward. Lead defense attorney Jose Baez described Kronk as "morally bankrupt," according to the station.

Anthony, 25, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and could get the death penalty if convicted of that charge. Her defense attorneys claim Caylee Anthony accidentally drowned in the family's swimming pool.

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