Casey Anthony panel hears appeal on misdemeanor counts of lying to detectives

Casey Anthony with daughter Caylee are pictured together.
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Casey Anthony with daughter Caylee
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(CBS/AP) DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Attorneys for Casey Anthony will return to court Tuesday to try to convince a panel to throw out her convictions of lying to detectives when she told them her 2-year-old daughter had been kidnapped by a babysitter.

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According to CBS affiliate WKMG, Anthony was acquitted of murder, but found guilty on four charges of lying to officers. Her attorneys argue it should be one charge and that the four charges are considered double jeopardy.

Although there is no doubt Anthony lied to police, the state appellate court is being asked to decide whether the Florida woman was in police custody when she made the statements that led to her being convicted of lying to law enforcement officers.

If judges on the Fifth District Court of Appeals decide she was in police custody, they could overturn her misdemeanor convictions on the grounds that her statements were inadmissible since she hadn't been read her Miranda rights. The Miranda rights warn suspects that they can remain silent and that their statements can be used against them in court.

Anthony was acquitted in 2011 of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

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