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Casey Anthony murder trial judge, Belvin Perry, gets probation case, too

Casey Anthony ordered back to Orlando for probation on check charge
Casey Anthony, left, with her lawyer Jose Baez, after she was released from the Orange County Jail in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday, July 17, 2011. AP Photo

(CBS/WKMG) ORLANDO, Fla. - Judge Stan Strickland has recused himself from Casey Anthony's check fraud and probation case - which means Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over Anthony's murder trial, will take over.

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The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court issued the change Wednesday morning, reports CBS affiliate WKMG.

On Monday, Strickland ordered that Anthony return to Orlando within 72 hours to serve a one year probation for a check fraud conviction in January 2010.

Defense attorney Cheney Mason on Tuesday requested an emergency motion to throw out Strickland's order for Anthony's return to Orlando, along with filing a motion to disqualify Judge Strickland.

"She's done her probation. If you all will go read the motion we just filed, you will see how blatantly clear it is, and how blatantly wrong Mr. Strickland was," Mason said.

Mason's motion accused Strickland's order of being fraudulently filed. He also accused Strickland of prejudice against Anthony.

Anthony's attorneys have also argued that she served that probation while in jail and it would be dangerous for her to return to Orange County.

Florida Department of Corrections Director Gretl Plessinger held a news conference in Orlando Wednesday morning to clarify Anthony's probation.

"We told her attorney that she needs to be here by no later than 10 a.m. Thursday morning," Plessinger said. "If she does not check in by 10 o'clock tomorrow, we will notify the court."

Plessinger also said Strickland's recusal does not change the order for Anthony to report for her probation. She also addressed Anthony's attorney's concerns about safety.

"Right now we have not received any threats. If we get to the point where we do, we will begin working with local law enforcement and take any precautions that we need, depending on the threat," Plessinger said.

Strickland recused himself from Anthony's murder trial last year, and Perry, the chief judge, took over that case, which ended July 5 when a jury acquitted Anthony of all felony charges in her daughter Caylee's death.

Anthony's whereabouts have been unknown since she was released from the Orange County Jail on July 17. Tabloid website TMZ published photos Wednesday that purport to show Casey Anthony out and about in Columbus, Ohio.

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