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Casey Anthony Defense: Meter Reader Roy Kronk Killed Caylee Anthony

(AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)
Photo: Roy Kronk in a 2008 press conference.

NEW YORK (CBS) Meter reader Roy Kronk, who was hailed as a hero for finding the body of murdered Florida 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, was really the girl's killer, according to new claims by defense attorneys representing the toddler's mother, Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony is awaiting trial on first-degree murder charges for her daughter's death. She's pleaded not guilty and has previously said a babysitter kidnapped her child.

Photo: Caylee and Casy Anthony.

On Dec. 11, 2008, Kronk led police to Caylee Anthony's body. He was quickly ruled out as a possible suspect.

But Casey Anthony's defense team hit the network morning show circuit Friday, including CBS News' "The Early Show" armed with videotaped interviews with Kronk's ex-wives. They portrayed Kronk as inappropriate with children, violent toward women, and capable of Caylee's murder.

Video: Anthony's lawyers on The Early Show Nov. 20, 2009.

"When you learned that Roy Kronk had found the remains of Caylee Anthony, what went through your mind?" an attorney asked one of Kronk's ex-wives, Jill Keerley, during a taped interview provided to CBS News.

"That he had done it," Keerley replies.

"Done it, meaning...?" the lawyer asks.

"He probably was the one who murdered Caylee Anthony, or had something to do with it," Keerley responds.

"You had mentioned that he had a certain saying about duct tape," the lawyer says.

"Yeah," answers Keerley, quoting Kronk, "'It's a hundred-mile-an-hour duct tape, nothing can get through it.'"

Investigators found duct tape on Caylee's skull.

Casey Anthony's attorneys also gave CBS News video of April Hensley, who was 11 when Kronk lived with her mother. The girl says of Kronk, "Sometimes he would, you know, walk in while I was putting my clothes on."

Casey's defense team admits it has no physical evidence to support its theory, CBS News Correspondent Kelly Cobiella points out. And Kronk's lawyers say this is just a ploy to deflect blame from the real suspect -- Casey Anthony.

But Andrea Lyon, one of Casey Anthony's defense attorneys, turned the evidence argument on its head Friday when she told NBC's TODAY Show, "There is as much circumstantial evidence implicating Roy Kronk as there is implicating our client … He's the only one who's been with the body. He's the only one who magically discovers it."

Prosecutors say they'll seek the death penalty if Casey Anthony is convicted of first-degree murder.

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