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Car on roof: Stolen vehicle lands on Fresno house, proof is in the picture

How did this happen? Police in Fresno, Calif. say a man stole his ex-girlfriend's car, drove it out of control (obviously), and somehow landed it on the roof of this house, on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2011 KGPE

(CBS/AP) FRESNO, Calif. - Police say a man wanted for assault was driving too fast, and hit a landscaping rock, sending the vehicle flying onto a rooftop early Wednesday morning.The airborne driver broke his leg when he jumped from the house.

Santa was nowhere in sight.

Police say that Benjamin Tucker, 25, stole his ex-girlfriend's car and lost control of the vehicle when he tried to round a nearby residential corner, reports CBS affiliate KGPE.

"I thought it was an earthquake, 'cause I heard the house moving, I saw the house moving," said Jeanell Ricks who was inside babysitting her nephew. Neither was hurt.

Police say although Tucker broke his leg when he jumped from the roof, he still managed to run back to the ex-girlfriend's house, where he was later arrested. Tucker already had a warrant for his arrest, for assault with a deadly weapon and making terrorist threats, according to police.

A towing company had to use a crane to get the car down.

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