Campaign 2000 Ad Watch

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The CBS News Political Unit is tracking campaign ads in the race for the White House and other key contests around the country:

August 31: The Republican National Committee has released a biting attack ad questioning Al Gore's veracity and mocking his "invention" of the Internet.Video

August 31: The New York State Democratic Committee launched Stand, another soft money ad tying Hillary Clinton's foe to the conservative agenda of Newt Gingrich.Video

August 31: The newest DNC ad uses a New York Times article to help criticize a recent RNC ad that heralded George W. Bush's prescription drug plan.Video

August 31: Rick Lazio has released another ad questioning Hillary Clinton's trustworthiness. This one features Sen. John McCain.Video

August 29: New York Senate hopeful Rick Lazio released a new ad accusing Hillary Clinton of running negative campaign ads istorting his voting record.Video

August 28: The Democratic and Republican national committees have released dueling TV ads attacking each other's plans for prescription drug coverage. Video

August 25: George W. Bush is trying to convince seniors that their health and prosperity would be safe under his presidential care. Video

August 23: A Hillary Clinton TV ad takes aim at a Rick Lazio commercial that touts his record in Congress.Video

August 23: Al Gore's answer to George W. Bush's large post-convention ad buy is a TV commercial that paints a picture of Gore's life that emphasizes his independence.Video

August 21: George W. Bush's largest media buy to date features a television spot that puts a Republican face on the issue of education. Video

August 16: Rick Lazio's latest ad touts his accomplishments in Congress, focusing especially on those issues that appeal to women and the political center.Video

August 8: A TV commercial from the Republican National Committee tries to turn the environment issue against Al Gore. Video

August 7: Ralph Nader's first TV ad makes the case for his inclusion in the upcoming presidential debates, saying he's the only candidate money can't buy.Video

July 26: This ad from New York Senate candidate Hillary Clinton portrays her failed 1994 health care initiative as evidence of her commitment to health-care reform.Video

July 21: CBS's Francesca Gessner analyzes a new ad from Senate candidate Hillary Clinton's camp addressing the concerns of upstate New Yorkers.Video

July 20: George W. Bush promotes his updated campaign Web site in a new TV commercial targeted to Internet savvy voters.Video

July 18: A new Republican ad says education standards and test scores improved in Texas under George W. Bush's watch. But Jane Ruvelson finds some of these claims may not pass the test of scrutiny.Video

July 14: New York Senate candidate Rick Lazio’s wife, who is a registered nurse, defends her husband's record on health care against criticism from Hillary Clinton.Video

July 14: A new Democratic Party ad highlights Al Gore's record as a crime fighter and his support for a Victim's Rights Amendment. Video

July 13: Planned Parenthood's first ad of Campaign 2000 attacks George W. Bush; its aim to draw pro-abortion rights conservatives away from the Texas governor because of hi anti-abortion rights stance. Video

June 30: A new Democratic Party ad promotes Al Gore's education agenda.Video

June 26: A new ad from the New York State Democratic Committee grills GOP Senate candidate Rep. Rick Lazio for his votes on the Patients' Bill of Rights.Video

June 26: N.Y. Senate hopeful Hillary Clinton attacks her GOP foe, Rep. Rick Lazio, for missing the vote on a bill to create a home heating oil reserve for the Northeast.Video

June 23: The Democratic National Committee re-releases a health-care commercial aimed at blacks, but there's a problem: All of the doctors in the ad are white.Video

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