Calvin Harris snubs Taylor Swift in VMAs acceptance speech

One person was notably missing from Calvin Harris’ thank yous during his acceptance speech for Best Male Video at the 2016 MTV VMAs: his ex, Taylor Swift, who is now dating Tom Hiddleston.

Harris received the award for “This is What You Came For,” featuring Rihanna, and accepted the award via a video message. He could not attend the VMAs because of a concert he had in the U.K. 

He thanked Rihanna profusely, saying, “I need to thank Rihanna from the bottom of my heart. You’re a superstar. Every time we work together you bring something so magical to the project, so thank you.”

He skipped out on mentioning Swift, however, even though the singer’s rep confirmed that she co-wrote the song under the pen name Nils Sjoberg. 

“And everybody who supported this song, who watched this video, I love you so much. Thank you, this is amazing. I love you. Thank you MTV!” he said as he signed off. 

Well, maybe he meant Swift when he said “everybody who supported this song.” 

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